Structured Part-Time Pathways

Computer Engineering Technology (CNT)

“The software methodologies NAIT instills within their students closely aligns with how we build our software applications. When we bring on a CNT grad, we’re confident we have a new developer who is prepared to deliver value and contribute to the overall success of our company right away.”

- Mark Hamblin, DMS Companies

Computer technology has become extremely important to all aspects of everyday life. Everything from simple communications to complex business and industrial processes are now computerized. This has resulted in a tremendous need for well-trained and competent individuals to design, install and manage computing solutions.

The NAIT Computer Engineering Technology (CNT) program provides students with an industry-focused education in digital/analog circuits, electronics and interfacing, and high and low level software development that will allow them to enter and excel in the fast-paced world of computing solutions and automation.

A diploma program that fits your schedule

Our Structured Part-Time Pathways (SPTP) model allows busy professionals and parents to work or stay at home during the day, and pursue a diploma education in the evening.

Thanks to a set schedule of two courses a term, our students study with the confidence of knowing they’ll acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the workforce, and graduate as quickly as possible. While intensive, this schedule is designed to allow students to fully absorb the information and balance coursework with everyday life.

All of our courses are taught by CNT experts with industry experience in the real world who take pride in the quality education NAIT provides, and the success of their students.

Hit the ground running

“NAIT gave me the skills to hit the ground running, which is something all employers are looking for. NAIT taught me that technology is constantly changing—you have to change with it or you’ll be left behind.”

– David Driscoll (CNT ’07), Developer, SciQuest

Our students are instructed in hardware principles like computer architecture fundamentals, industrial electronics, and embedded controllers using analog and digital integration. They also become fluent in programming languages and software development, including database administration and dynamic web development.

Whether you’re a junior information technologist looking for a career boost or an individual ready to enter the workforce, our hands-on learning environment and industry focus will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to secure a rewarding career in CNT.

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