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Athlete of the Week

Karynn Flory, Curling
Karynn lead the NAIT women’s curling team to ACAC Gold this past weekend.
Matt Brown, Curling
Matt Brown skipped the men’s Ooks curling team to a silver medal

Upcoming Games and Results

Day Team Opponent Location Result
March 06 Basketball (W) Keyano College (5/6 Semi-Final) ACAC Championships - NAIT W 69-44
March 06 Basketball (M) Lakeland College (5/6 Semi-Final) ACAC Championships - Keyano College W 97-69
March 05 Basketball (M) Olds College (Quarter-Final) ACAC Championships - Keyano College L 104-97
March 05 Hockey (W) Red Deer College (Game #1) ACAC Finals - NAIT W 2-1
March 05 Basketball (W) Olds College (Quarter-Final) ACAC Championships - NAIT L 79-77
February 28 Volleyball (M) Medicine Hat College (BRONZE Medal Match) ACAC Championships - Augustana W 3-2
February 28 Hockey (M) CUCA CUCA W 6-1
February 28 Basketball (W) Keyano Home W 70-56
February 28 Basketball (M) Keyano NAIT W 73-68
February 27 Hockey (M) CUCA NAIT W 4-1
February 27 Curling ACAC Championships GPRC Check ACAC Website
February 27 Volleyball (W) Lakeland (5th place semi-final) ACAC Championships - Olds College L 3-0
February 27 Basketball (M) Keyano NAIT W 93-76
February 27 Basketball (W) Keyano Home W 61-30
February 27 X-Country Running ACAC Indoor Track Championships CFB Edmonton Garrison Check ACAC Website
February 27 Volleyball (M) Red Deer College (Semi-Final) ACAC Championships - Augustana L 3-0

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