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Simulation Centre

The Simulation Centre at NAIT is a state-of-the-art interactive and interdisciplinary centre that gives students in the School of Health and Life Sciences the opportunity to practice clinical situations in a safe and controlled environment. Located in the Centre for Applied Technology (CAT), the Simulation Centre offers over 6,000 square feet of learning space with true-to-life work experiences for students and partners.

About the Simulation Centre

NAIT’s Simulation Centre combines interdisciplinary education with real-world practical training. The Simulation Centre is one only three in the world to receive recognition as a CAE Healthcare Centre of Excellence.

Inside the Simulation Centre

This unique 6,000 square foot centre features a wide array of immersive learning spaces. The Centre combines 9 specialized theatres, 4 elevated control rooms, 5 ground control rooms and multiple breakout rooms to debrief and view simulations as they happen.

Check out our equipment

The Simulation Centre uses state-of-the-art manikins, software and equipment to ensure students and partners get the most realistic experience possible.

Centre of Excellence

CAE Healthcare, an international leader in the field of simulation has recognized and certified NAIT’s Simulation Centre as a CAE Centre of Excellence. One of only three in the world, the certification promotes and exemplifies NAIT’s commitment to global best practices and innovative techniques in the use of simulation.

Book a Simulation

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