Productivity Enhancement Services

Enhance your productivity. Improve your bottom line.

What is Productivity Enhancement?

At its very simplest, Productivity Enhancement is about improving business.

It’s about cultivating talent and adopting innovative technologies to transform good companies into great organizations.

NAIT’s Productivity Enhancement Services integrate practical education, innovative technology and manufacturing expertise to reduce operational costs, improve productivity and enhance competitiveness.

Innovative Thinking

NAIT receives funding for a new Productivity and Innovation Centre. This Centre will be a place where industry comes for solutions and to succeed.

Why is Productivity Enhancement Important?

REASON 1: Because the world has changed.

And it continues to change at a rapid and disruptive pace. Change can be a cause for concern or it can be an opportunity to grow. We choose the latter—and our customers do too.

REASON 2: Because it improves your bottom line.

Industry and governments are continually challenged to deliver more with less. Whether it’s a new process, a new piece of equipment or a new way of thinking, every organization needs a competitive edge. We can help.

REASON 3: Because we have a standard to uphold.

Canada is continually ranked as one of the top countries to live. In order to maintain our standard of living it is essential to develop our organizations through leadership, staff development and technology adoption.

Canada Job Grant

Get up to 66% of your employee training costs covered through the Canada Job Grant.


Lead the Way

Ray Pisani, President and CEO of Alberta Blue Cross, believes in living an active, healthy lifestyle. He promotes this philosophy in the workplace, providing his staff with opportunities for both professional and personal growth. Watch how NAIT’s Leadership Development Certificate is a key factor in their success.

Project Leadership is the first step to completing your Project Management Certificate.

Leadership Development

We believe leadership is the most critical factor in achieving success

Organizations of all sizes partner with NAIT to nurture their top talent. Through our renowned program, these “leaders in training” acquire the skills to engage, mentor and inspire their teams, ultimately moving their companies one step closer to greatness.

Staff Development

When your employees are engaged, your company is productive—and productive companies win

NAIT offers certificate programs aimed at increasing employee and personal productivity in areas such as project management, team building, conflict management, risk management, operations management, lean manufacturing and more. Staff development training can enhance the skills and advance the careers of your workforce.

Technology Adoption

Need to determine what technology is right for your organization?

You’ve come to the right place. From industrial and autonomous robots to Programmable Logic Controllers manufacturing automation systems, our state-of-the-art workspace is a perfect environment to learn, collaborate and enhance your operations.

Aboriginal Youth Leadership

Identify and develop tomorrow's leaders

For First Nations communities wanting to invest in their youth, NAIT delivers one-of-a-kind, on-site Aboriginal youth leadership training. Participants learn to evaluate their personal and professional skills, and ultimately enhance the standard of living and well-being within their communities.

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