Student-Athlete Support Services

The Student-Athlete Support Services provides NAIT varsity athletes with high performance support services including strength and conditioning, athletic therapy and sports nutrition education. Our goal is to provide exceptional support to promote athletic excellence, student well-being and health.  

The Student-Athlete Support Services team is committed to providing valuable mentorship opportunities to students from the Personal Fitness Training (PFT) program. Senior level PFT students have the opportunity to complete practicums with NAIT Varsity Athletic teams and receive valuable mentorship in the areas of sports therapy and strength and conditioning.

NAIT Strength and Conditioning
The NAIT strength and conditioning program provides year round support to student-athletes in their physical preparation. All Varsity strength and conditioning programs are designed to peak performances and reduce injuries through a periodized plan specific to each sport.

Strength and conditioning is delivered to all Varsity teams by Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Amy Moolyk and thee assistant coaches. The NAIT strength and conditioning facilities are equipped for weightlifting, barbell exercises and free weight training and has spaces for conditioning, mobility training and movement mechanics. 

NAIT Athletic Therapy
The NAIT Athletic Therapy Clinic provides assessment and treatment of sports related injuries for all Varsity student-athletes as well as providing medical coverage for all NAIT home games. The Athletic Therapy team consists of three Certified Athletic Therapists and is led by Head Athletic Therapist, Krysta Graovac.

The clinic is located right under the gymnasium in room E-030 and is open from 12pm to 10pm Monday to Thursday. The clinic is also open two hours prior to games on Fridays and Saturdays for any required pregame treatment and/or taping. The best way to book an appointment is by using the online booking app via any smart phone or tablet. Instructions regarding the app can be provided by one of the three therapists upon your first visit to the clinic.

If you are a member of one of the Ooks Varsity teams, you can book an appointment with one of our three Athletic Therapists by using the app, visiting the clinic or calling (780) 491-3950.

NAIT Sports Nutrition
Ooks Varsity Teams and student-athletes have access to a range of sports nutrition services including one-on-one nutrition consultation and team presentations.  The sport nutrition services are focused on general nutrition/healthy eating; sport specific nutrition; or nutritional disease management. 

The Registered Dietician, Nick Creelman is available to help student-athletes with their nutrition goals. He can assist with general nutrition questions as well as specific topics related to weight management, body composition, meal planning and budgeting or meal ideas/choices to make on game days or on the road.