Women's Hockey

Women's Hockey Lose 4-2 to RDC in Final Game Before Break

Ooks resume play Jan. 5 at Olds College

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Women's Hockey

Ooks Curling Compete at ACAC Fall Regional

Mixed-results for NAIT teams at inaugural event hosted by RDC

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Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball Defeat King's Eagles

Ooks 11-1 at break for best mid-point record in program's history

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Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball Sweep King's

Ooks finish first half of season in 1st place

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Women's Volleyball

Women's Volleyball Defeat Augustana 3-0

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VS UAA 6:00 PM
W 3-0 Box Score »
@ RDC 7:00 PM
L 4-2 Box Score »
VS UAA 8:00 PM
W 3-2 Box Score »
@ Augustana 6:00 PM
W 3-0 Box Score »
@ Augustana 8:00 PM
L 3-2 Box Score »
@ OC 7:00 PM
VS RDC 7:00 PM
VS OC 6:00 PM
@ RDC 7:00 PM
VS CUE 6:00 PM
VS CUE 8:00 PM
VS KC 6:00 PM
@ SAIT 7:00 PM
VS KC 8:00 PM
VS KC 1:00 PM
@ CUE 1:00 PM
VS KC 3:00 PM
@ SAIT 7:00 PM
@ CUE 8:00 PM
@ RDC 7:00 PM
@ GPRC 6:00 PM
@ KC 6:00 PM
VS GMU 7:00 PM
@ GPRC 8:00 PM
@ KC 8:00 PM
@ GPRC 1:00 PM
@ GPRC 3:00 PM
@ KC 3:00 PM
VS RDC 6:00 PM
@ KC 6:00 PM
@ GMU 7:00 PM
@ ACAC Tournament #2 10:00 AM
VS ACAC Winter Regional 4:00 PM
@ LAKE 6:00 PM
VS PC 7:00 PM
@ LAKE 8:00 PM

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Women's Hockey Lose 4-2 to RDC in Final Game Before Break

Dec. 01, 2016

At the end of a half-season that was more than satisfactory, the NAIT Ooks absorbed a 5-2 defeat from the Red Deer Queens and Ooks head coach Deanna Martin made it clear that changes are headed their way.

Women's Volleyball Play Well but Fall Twice at GPRC

Nov. 29, 2016

On the scoreboard, it looked like a lost weekend for the NAIT Ooks in women’s volleyball. In terms of on-court progress and team development, the picture was far brighter.

Men's Volleyball Fall Twice to GPRC on Road

Nov. 29, 2016

Bouncing back from a difficult volleyball weekend in Grande Prairie, head coach Doug Anton made an early commitment to have his NAIT Ooks ready for improved performances Thursday and Friday against the Augustana Vikings.

Women's Hockey Split with MacEwan Again

Nov. 29, 2016

Only a few hours after her first-place team bounced back from a shutout loss to defeat the MacEwan Griffins 3-1, NAIT Ooks head coach Deanna Martin referred to a pair of her favourite teaching subjects: character and pride.

Women's Basketball Head into Break 11-1 after Sweep of King's

Nov. 28, 2016

As the NAIT Ooks posted a pair of almost-routine weekend victories over the King’s Eagles in ACAC women’s basketball, a significant mid-season record almost slipped past without notice.

Men's Basketball Finish 1st in North at Break After Sweep of King's

Nov. 28, 2016

Things were not easy for the Ooks men's basketball team in their two game sweep over the well-coached King's Eagles.

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Come on out to the NAIT Arena and support @naitooks as they host @reddeercollege in the 2016-2017 home opener. #OoksNAITion #trace

The 2016-2017 @naitooks is officially under way with this afternoon's soccer games as the men and women play host to the @uofa_augvikings. #ooksNAITion