Gregg Meropoulis Retires Today from NAIT Athletics

Jun. 30, 2017

During almost 40 years at NAIT, athletics manager Gregg Meropoulis witnessed some of the most interesting – and odd – moments in the polytechnic’s athletic history.

Gregg saw the women’s “Ookpikettes” and “Ookchicks” basketball team (which he coached for 20 years) renamed in the 1990s to the “Ooks.”

He was on staff 1989 when the men’s hockey and basketball teams won national championships within an hour of each other.

Once, he watched in disbelief as a dirt bike ripped through the soccer field during a soccer championship game in Lloydminster.

Throughout it all, his love for the Ooks grew stronger. We caught up with him in the days before his retirement on June 30 and asked him to reflect on some of the most memorable moments of his career with NAIT and the Ooks.


AUTHOR: Kimberly Motyka

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