NAIT commissioned an Economic Impact Report from a leading academic-based economist team. The report is a reliable means of measuring progress toward NAIT 2021, specifically the impact to our stakeholders and fulfilling our promise to Alberta.


To Alberta

A NAIT education is an essential
investment of public dollars.

9 out of 10 grads
stay in Alberta

9 Out of 10

Alberta’s Return on Investment in NAIT

For every dollar invested in NAIT, graduates provide an average annual return of 32 per cent from additional tax revenues.


NAIT's Annual Economic Impact

Economic Impact

To Industry

Industry wins when hiring career-ready grads who
have the skills and training to advance quickly.

Satisfied Employers

95% of employers are satisfied with the performance of NAIT graduates.

Satisfied Employers

NAIT grads in Alberta

Percentage of grads still in Alberta who are in the labour force.

Alberta 98 Percent


Average annual return to employer. (Depending on the trade and hiring strategies).

48 Percent

Applied research

Applied research at NAIT brings new knowledge into classrooms, shops and labs, and develops timely solutions for industry.

Applied Research

To Students

Quick entry into the workforce and higher income opportunities contribute to a strong return on investment for students.

Student Return on Tuition Investment

The average annual return on tuition investment.

roi Line Graph roi Circle Graph

Apprentices' Tuition Investment

Paid back through their career earnings.


Increase in Annual Earnings

The increase in annual earnings from a NAIT education represents $25,000 per year compared to a high school education.

48 Percent

48 Percent

To Staff

A top employer in Alberta with engaged and highly skilled staff.

Workplace Wellness

2014 Workplace Wellness Award from the Canadian Mental Health Association (Alberta division)

Full-Time Jobs

Employee Satisfaction

I like my job 91%
I'm glad I work at NAIT 90%
I would recommend NAIT as a place to work 86%
I would recommend NAIT to prospective students 92%

Top Alberta Employer

4th consecutive year

Staff Income