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NAIT Library Resources & Services for Faculty

Read or print our brochure on: NAIT Library Resources & Services for Faculty (PDF)


NAIT Faculty Guide for e-Resources

Read or print our brochure on: NAIT Faculty Guide for e-Resources (PDF)


Borrower Services for Staff

Read or print our brochure on: Borrower Services for Staff (PDF)


NAIT ID Cards for Staff and Students

Staff can obtain a replacement or new Staff ID Card at the Human Resources Office - PE Building, 2nd Floor HR Reception.   The HR Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.  If you have any questions you may contact HR Reception at 780.471.7466 or hrs@nait.ca.

NAIT Student ID Card information can be found at www.nait.ca/idcard.


Information Literacy Instruction, Classes, & Tours

Our goal is to work with NAIT instructors to help students develop the ability to recognize when information is needed and to effectively locate, evaluate, and use the necessary information.

 We offer a range of information literacy classes and library tours for your students.


Laptop & Data Projector Reservations

The Library provides staff with short-term loans of  data projectors, laptops and projector screens as well as some accessories.

 Loan Periods

  • Data Projector – Up to 2 weeks
  • Data Projector Mobile Cart (includes data projector, computer, speakers, and DVD/VHS player) – One day
  • Data Projector Remote – Up to 2 weeks
  • Laptop – Up to 2 weeks
  • Mac VGA Adaptor – Up to 2 weeks
  • Projector Screen - Up to 2 weeks
  • Speakers - Up to 2 weeks

Reservations and Loans

Please request equipment at least one week in advance.

Booking requests can be made:

All equipment must be picked up at and returned to the Lending Services Desk. Bookings will be cancelled if the item is not picked up on the first day of the booking. Please note that staff will be fined $15 per day for late returns of notebooks and data projectors. You will be contacted if you have overdue Audiovisual Media or Equipment.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Contact Information
McNally Library Lending Services Desk
Room U310 (3rd floor Learning Resources Centre)
Call: 780.471.8777
Toll-free: 1.877.222.1722
Email: liblending@nait.ca


Audiovisual Media for Classroom Use

The Library offers DVDs, streaming videos, VHS videos and other media to support NAIT programs and service units. All audiovisual media are purchased for use by NAIT staff and students for NAIT educational and training purposes.  Advance booking is available for audiovisual materials held in the Library. Booking requests or requests to view DVDs and other media in the Library can be made:

Use the search box on the library website to find audiovisual media.

Media can be picked up in person or delivered to office banks (sub-centres). The loan period for library DVDs is two weeks with flexible loan periods available. Do not return media in book return bin locations. Return in person or through the LR delivery system.

Students, alumni, and the public are welcome to view our materials in-house at the media carrels in the library.

Contact Information
McNally Library Lending Services Desk 
Room U310 (3rd floor Learning Resources Centre)
Call: 780.471.8777 
email: liblending@nait.ca


Library Resources for Online Courses

Library staff will, on request:

  • Provide content on information literacy topics such as plagiarism, how to conduct research, or how to search a database for inclusion in online courses.
  • Consult about course assignments—for example: are there adequate peer-reviewed sources to support student research on a chosen topic?
    • Contact: 
      Jodi Lommer
      Room U212A
      Call: 780.491.3974 
  • Provide path details or direct links to quality digital information such as engineering handbooks in ENGnetBase; computer books and journals in Safari Tech Books Online; and journal articles in Applied Science & Technology (within copyright provisions).


Information Research & Assistance

Library staff are here to help you get the information you need for your role at NAIT.
We can help with:

  • Quick reference to locate a quick fact, phone number, etc.
  • Using the library search tool and the internet to locate appropriate resources. If you do not get the results you need, call us for assistance.
  • Finding information resources to embed in courses. We can assist in your search to identify resources in the library and beyond—on the web, in other libraries, newly published materials, audiovisual resources, etc.
  • In-depth research.
  • Individual or group demonstrations of any library resource or service.

Contact Information
McNally Library Help Desk
Room U310 (3rd floor Learning Resources Centre)
Call: 780.471.8844 
Toll-free: 1.877.222.1722 and ask for the Help Desk
email: mlibrary@nait.ca


Periodicals Routing (to Your Office)

NAIT staff can request current periodicals be routed to them through our internal mail system for up to two weeks.

To stay current on what is being published in periodicals that we do not subscribe to, please ask us about setting up alerts.

Contact Information
McNally Library - Periodicals Routing to Offices
Raylene Williams
Room U212
Call: 780.471.8709  


Course Reserves for Your Students

Course Reserves offer controlled student access to items such as books, sample exams, solution manuals, microscopes, videos and more.

As a NAIT instructor, you can place items from the library or from your own collection on Course Reserves for your students. The materials will be held behind the Lending Services Desk under your name with a loan period you assign.

To place items on Course Reserves, complete a Course Reserves Request form.  Submit it, together with the selected items, to the Lending Services Desk.  Once the material is available for circulation, your students will be able to locate your Course Reserves by Instructor Name, Course Name, or Program Name from the library website.

Contact Information
Lending Services Desk
Call: 780.471.8777 



Purchase Requests - Books & Periodicals for the Library

We purchase new, relevant information resources in audiovisual, print, or digital formats.

To recommend that an item be purchased for the Library collection call or email your program's Library subject specialist (PDF)


For electronic resources, donations, books & periodicals contact:
Karen Schlegl
Room U200A
Call: 780.471.8715 


Purchase Requests - Audiovisual Media for the Library

It is Library policy to preview all media before purchasing. Instructors who would like to have media brought in for preview or would like the Library to find media on a certain subject should contact the AV Liaison person for their school or service unit, as listed below. If you do not see your school/service unit listed below, please contact Karen Schlegl (kschlegl@nait.ca) at 780.471.8715.

For the schools/service units of:

  • ESL
  • Faculty of Undergraduate Studies - Bachelor of Technology
  • Information Communication and Engineering Technologies
  • Sustainable Building and Environmental Management
  • Trades

Sue MacRae, Reference Library Technician
Call: 780.471.8786

For the schools/service units of:

  • JR Shaw School of Business
  • Learning and Teaching Commons
  • Faculty of Undergraduate Studies - Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts
  • Organizational Development Services

Cindy Thierstein, Supervisor Lending Services
Call: 780.471.8794


Office Access to Electronic Information Sources

It is important to us that instructors be able to access the information they need as quickly and conveniently as possible.

  • If you cannot access one of the Library's online information resources from your office or lab, call us for assistance.
  • If you know of an online information resource you think the library should provide, please let us know.
  • If you do not know of a particular resource but have identified a subject gap in the online resources we provide, let us know, and we will see what we can find.

Contact Information
McNally Library - Electronic Resources 
Karen Schlegl
Call: 780.471.8715 


Applied Research & SoTL Support

The Library supports your applied research at NAIT by providing:

  • Literature searches:  Library staff search relevant databases and other resources purchased or licensed by the library as well as resources available to the public such as government websites.  (Searching must not violate licenses which restrict use to academic and scholarly pursuits.) We can also search any of over 400 additional databases through Dialog search service on a charge-back basis.
  • Research consultations:  We can recommend databases and other resources, discuss search strategies, and work with you to combine your subject expertise with our knowledge of information resources. We can also help you set up Database Alerts to automatically notify you of new articles published in your area of interest.
  • Demonstrations of resources and search tools:  We can provide individual or group demonstrations tailored to your needs.  Demonstrations may include relevant licensed databases, the library search tool, patent search tools, or RefWorks citation management software.
  • Information resources:  The library provides access to a large number of databases covering thousands of journals and other publications. The library collection includes books, eBooks, and reference materials that provide subject background and methodologies, as well as information on how to set up research projects, write proposals, and format research reports. 
  • Acquisition of new resources: Library staff acquire and manage new resources to support research within budgetary constraints.
  • Access to information in other libraries:  Library staff can identify the location of the required information and help you obtain it via interlibrary loan, document delivery, or direct borrowing (The Alberta Library card.)
  • RefWorks 2.0:  Library staff can help you use this online tool designed to assist researchers gather, manage, store, and share information and to generate citations and bibliographies in a variety of styles.   Visit the library website for more information and access to RefWorks 2.0.
  • Information literacy instruction: Library staff offer customized information literacy classes for specific courses or research groups. Classes can include topics covered in research consultations and demonstrations in addition to fundamental research concepts.

Contact Information

  • For assistance, contact Isobel Rancier 780.471.8796 isobelr@nait.ca
  • To make an appointment for a tailored, one-on-one demonstration of relevant resources in the collection or to suggest resources for addition to the library collection, contact Karen Schlegl 780.471.8715  kschlegl@nait.ca
  • To learn more about information literacy and book classes for your students or research teams, contact Jodi Lommer 780.491.3974 jodil@nait.ca


Copyright Guide

Check out our library guide: Getting Started with Copyright

For more information, contact Meera Nair, Copyright Officer, at 780.491.3048 or meeran@nait.ca


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