Promise to Industry
NAIT produces an exceptionally skilled workforce, aligned directly to industry needs.

Our programs are developed with industry’s input and our research is industry-driven to create enterprises that compete worldwide.

Alberta’s industries consistently identify, develop and adapt new products, materials, systems and services to stay globally competitive. NAIT helps Alberta businesses be competitive with applied research, innovation and productivity enhancement that play a key role in developing the economy and the social well-being of communities.

One example of NAIT’s connection to industry is our Program Advisory Committees (PACs) that include industry representatives. PACs advise on program outcomes, trends and emerging skills requirements for employees. Based on this feedback, NAIT maintains, expands, shrinks or suspends our programs, in keeping with industry needs.

Jennifer Pendura

Jennifer Pendura, Group Lead for Cenovus’s Community Affairs Department, is helping to build a brighter, more vibrant future for young people in Alberta. Cenovus’s support of the NAIT Aboriginal Youth Lead- ership Program assists to identify and develop tomorrow’s leaders by helping youth to reach their full potential.

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7. Productivity Improvement of Industry

Industry is a partner in all that NAIT does.

An important part of this relationship is productivity improvement and competitiveness enhancement. One example is the Shell Manufacturing Centre that was created to elevate productivity in Alberta. Its focus is on assisting industry through process improvement and advanced technologies, as well as with manufacturing solutions. The Centre also provides education and assistance in technology adoption.

Over the years ahead, the Centre will continue to leverage and apply new and emerging technologies, such as robotics, Radio-frequency identification devices and drones, to enhance how businesses operate. The growth of the Centre will include more partners across Alberta and beyond our provincial borders.

For more than 25 years, NAIT’s Shell Manufacturing Centre Director, Mave Dhariwal has worked with organizations in every major sector.
NAIT will continue to be a leader in creating strategic economic opportunities, increasing innovation and improving productivity of existing or new enterprises in Alberta’s key economic sectors.


Total economic impact

Volume of people trained in the NAIT Shell Manufacturing Centre

Outcome 7:

We help industry increase its productivity and competitiveness



Expand NAIT’s capacity, delivery models, and scope to support Alberta’s economic growth, especially in the areas of productivity improvement and technological competitiveness.

8. Applied Research and Innovation

NAIT’s applied research and innovation activities deliver economic and societal benefits for Albertans.

There are three unique aspects of applied research at NAIT.

First, applied research and innovation is driven by industry – in fact, all research activities in a polytechnic institution occur through a full partnership with industry from idea to commercialization. These partnerships enhance the academic mission of an institution and, at NAIT, they align to our vision of being relevant and responsive.

Second, we work at the speed of industry and support commercialization efforts where there is mutual benefit to industry’s competitive edge and our academic mission.

Third, ownership of intellectual property (IP) remains with industry. The typical, long-standing model of IP ownership is that it resides with the post-secondary institution – not industry. At NAIT, we believe that IP needs to stay with industry.


Proportion of applied research projects that engage external partners

Number of applied research projects active during the year

Outcome 8:

A leader in polytechnic applied research and its bridge to innovation, commercialization and new ventures



Develop leading edge applied research and innovation in partnership with industry.

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