Promise to Staff
NAIT will continue to be one of Canada’s outstanding places to work, which follows from a culture of how we work together.

The culture reflects the values of respect, collaboration, celebration, support and accountability.

As a learning and applied research organization committed to sustainability, NAIT recruits and retains outstanding staff and provides continuous professional and personal development opportunities. The five values of respect, collaboration, celebration, support and accountability define how staff work with students, industry, stakeholders and one another. Staff have a can-do attitude that creates a nimble and responsive environment in which to effect positive change.

Top Alberta employer for the 4th consecutive year.

NAIT was recognized for promoting awareness of mental health and reducing the stigma about mental illness among staff and students by the Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Division with a 2014 Workplace Wellness Award.

Professional development helps all staff to grow and learn. Lifelong learning is encouraged at NAIT for all employees. We provide financial support for our employees to pursue a professional degree or credential of up to $15,000.

9. Growing our Talent

NAIT faculty and staff have exceptional experience and connections that support instructional excellence and relevance of education.

The institution will continue to provide a dynamic and vibrant learning culture for faculty and staff. This means continued personal and professional development and opportunities to create and maintain connections with industry.

Values are integral to all interactions. NAIT’s values were co-developed with the NAIT community and, most importantly, with faculty and staff. These values have become the bedrock for how decisions are made, how relationships are formed and how people work together. Awareness and consistent application of these values are evaluated every year as part of the annual engagement survey.

While living our values, the faculty and staff will create a dynamic and vibrant learning culture for everyone.


Percentage of staff that are aware of the NAIT Way values

Percentage ofstaff that report support for personal and professional development

Volume of staff nominated for recognition awards

Outcome 9:

We will grow our talent while practicing the values of the NAIT Way



Advocate and encourage staff involvement in personal and professional development programs.


Ensure decision-making, actions and behaviours are guided by the NAIT values.


Support all staff in their instructional, administrative, applied research and/or student services’ activities.

10. A Healthy and Safe Environment

A critical element to NAIT’s academic programs is safety.

We are a leader in safety training and education in the classroom and this extends into our work environment. All staff need a healthy and safe place to work within.

NAIT developed a future focused health and safety model that describes how staff will be supported in their health, well-being and safety. This also includes access to support services, such as recreation, wellness benefits, counseling and mental health programs. The greatest strength of the institution is the excellence, competence and dedication of our staff.

Flynn, NAIT’s therapy dog, helps students and staff to reduce their anxiety and stress.

He is especially popular with students during exams. Flynn’s presence on campus is just one piece of the mental health and wellness supports available at NAIT.


Percentage of staff that like their job

Percentage of staff that would recommend NAIT to others

Outcome 10:

We will become one of the healthiest workplaces in Alberta



Embed health and safety across NAIT that focuses on best practices.


Expand well- being supports to all staff.