Promise to Students
NAIT provides a positive student experience that encompasses students’ mental, emotional and physical well-being and defines success broadly.

NAIT’s learning environment is transformative for students.

It is an environment where instructors with industry experience guide and provide hands-on learning opportunities.
We also provide wrap-around supports that include: counselling, academic advising, health services, diverse student clubs and much more. A NAIT credential leads to a meaningful career that helps support a graduate’s family and contribute to their community.

Jaenelle Cardinal

Jaenelle dreams of opening her own construction business and mentoring young Aboriginal women. Now she has the credentials she needs to make this dream a reality. She has a diploma in Business Administration - Management and has nearly completed her Carpenter journeyperson’s certificate.

5. Transformative Polytechnic Careers

NAIT’s education is applied, hands-on, and relevant to the needs of industry.

NAIT’s education is applied, hands-on, and relevant to the needs of industry. Our instructors at NAIT are preparing students not for a job, but for a rewarding career. The technical skills, critical inquiry, learning outcomes and enabling skills will ensure that graduates enter the workforce with ease and quickly add value to their organization. Employers see tremendous value in NAIT graduates. In 2014, 95 per cent of employers surveyed were satisfied with the performance of their NAIT graduates and 99 per cent indicated they would hire a NAIT graduate again. These are powerful results and continue to affirm progress towards the institution’s vision of being the most relevant and responsive post-secondary institution in Canada.

As a leading polytechnic, technology is integrated throughout our programs at NAIT.
Students gain the skills they need through hands-on experiential learning. Our graduates have the knowledge and skills employers want – they leave NAIT prepared and in demand.


Percentage of graduates including apprentices employed after graduation

Satisfaction with the quality of program

Outcome 5:

Polytechnic education that enables transformative careers



Deliver programs that incorporate leading practices and are hands-on, relevant and applied.


Integrate quality and continuous improvement processes.


Ensure that learners have the enabling skills (in addition to the technical skills) that provide the foundation for a meaningful career.

6. Holistic Learning Environment

In addition to preparing students for meaningful careers, NAIT provides a positive learning experience that encompasses students’ mental, emotional and physical well-being and defines success broadly.

Student services are integrated into NAIT’s programs, including co-curricular programming, support for diverse communities, mental health and physical well-being, access to an ombudsman, assistance for academic success and targeted supports for faculty members as they focus on classroom teaching. NAIT continues to expand its understanding of the ways in which student learning takes place, both inside and outside of the classroom. As NAIT’s community grows, so will the breadth of services available to its students.

NAIT will have student housing on its main campus which is close to the heart of Edmonton’s city centre. Whether full-time or apprentice, single or a family, our students will have a range of options to suit individual preferences.


Graduate satisfaction with quality of student services

Percentage of students satisfied with the quality of student services

Number of staff trained in Mental Health First Aid

1. Learning within the physical or virtual classroom

2. Support for faculty teaching and student learning

3. Supports related to students’ individual needs, including counselling and tutorials

4. Supports related to students’ general needs including orientation and advising

5. Support for positive experiences such as Safe Spaces and recreation

Outcome 6:

A student-centred experience beyond the classroom that supports and inspires lifelong success



Create support structures and opportunities that enable student success

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