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Have Mercy

Michael Giasson

Bringing the flavour and rustic charm of an American South roadhouse by way a lengthy whiskey list, snacks like fried green tomatoes, sandwiches that go beyond the basic burger

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Joey Bell Tower

Colin Fryer

Joey’s Bell Tower turns culinary artistry into a spectator sport with their open kitchen design! Pop by for cocktails before heading to a concert or stay for dinner.

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Kanto 98st

Edgar Gutierrez

Kanto 98st. brings Filipino flavours to Edmonton's growing collection of restaurants focused on street food from away.

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Brad Smoliak

Located in the heart of downtown, the 140-square-metre (1,500-square-foot) studio features an area for cooking classes, private dining, catering and even food product development

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Little Brick

Jay Downton

Little Brick’s comfortable atmosphere and homey eats have made this Riverdale spot a favourite.

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Nathan McLaughlin 

It's southside southern barbecue: brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, all featuring homemade sauces. And, of course, there's bourbon.

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