Breakaway Chartered Professional Accountants LLP

Published on October 17, 2019
Mark Steier, CPA wears a button down shirt and smiles at the camera downtown Edmonton on 104 street.

Mark Steier

What do you do after almost a decade in public practice accounting? For Mark Steier (Bachelor of Applied Business Administration-Accounting '10) and fellow CPA, Brendon de Haan, the answer was a no-brainer - start your own firm.  

Breakaway Chartered Professional Accountants LLP makes financial services accessible and convenient by flipping  the accounting game on its head. With their  fresh, tech-forward approach to tax, accounting and audit services, the Breakaway boys are one of  only a few cloud-based, full-service accounting firms in Edmonton.

Mark and Brendon have diverse experience working with corporations, non-profit organizations, partnerships, trusts and individuals. 

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