Carolyn Kincade RDT (RAA)

BTech - TM ’17, Dental Laboratory Technology ‘07
Osseointegration Technologist, Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (IRSM)

Carolyn Kincade RDT (RAA)

Published on April 24, 2019

Spirit of NAIT Alumni 2019

Carolyn Kincade is an Osseointegration Technologist at the Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (IRSM). Kincade completed her Dental Technology Diploma from NAIT in 2007 and worked in privately owned dental laboratories where she focused on dental device construction with a high need for esthetics.

In 2013, she joined IRSM where she helps patients needing intraoral prostheses. In 2017, Kincade earned a Bachelor of Technology in Technology Management from NAIT after completing her studies part time while working full time.

She served on the Dental Laboratory Advisory Committee at NAIT for six years and is currently a member of the Bachelor of Technology Advisory Committee. Kincade is actively involved with her profession and serves on committees of the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta.