Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

“Strategic financial planning for people with the millionaire mindset.”

Learn how to make the right investment decisions and find useful information about retirement, insurance, tax planning and more.

NAIT alumni are invited to learn about strategic financial planning. This event is one of a series of seminars for NAIT alumni.

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A NAIT Alumni Lifelong Learning Presentation

This presentation is part of the NAIT Alumni Lifelong Learning Series and is free to all NAIT alumni.

  • Free parking is available.
  • Room location and parking passes will be sent prior to the event.
  • Doors open at 5:30pm.
  • The presentation begins at 6:00pm sharp.

Financial planning is more than just contributing to RRSP's & TFSA's. In today's complex financial world, it is as important to strategize as it is to make the right investment decisions. Thinking outside the box, this session will take you through a story of two brother’s that are faced with financial decisions at varies stages of their lives.

We will walk through a step-by-step financial strategy that will cover topics on retirement planning, investment strategies, tax planning, and insurance. Whether you are just starting out or nearing retirement, this session provides great tips and allows you to better understand and manage your personal finances.

Ed Bootle

Principal, Bootle & Associates Private Wealth Management

Ed Bootle brings over 18 years of experience in the investment and financial planning industry. He is the Principal of Bootle & Associates Private Wealth Management at Investors Group Financial Services.

His team provides personalized financial planning advice to a select group of clients including individuals and companies with combined investable assets in excess of $100 Million. His team's expertise includes a focus on tax, estate, insurance, investment, mortgage, and debt management strategies. For more information visit