Association of Retired NAIT Staff

You're always part of the community

The Association of Retired NAIT Staff (ARNS) was established in 1989 to support its members:

  •  maintain a continuing relationship with NAIT
  •  strengthen social contacts and networking among retirees
  •  attend ARNS functions and receive ARNS Notes
  • volunteer opportunities to continue supporting the NAIT family

ARNS Notes

ARNS Notes is the association newsletter, published bi-annually.

Read the Fall 2018 newsletter


Executive council

Name Position Phone
Dennis Morland  President 780.458.7572
Helen Peters Past President 780.457.0934
Paul Blinzer Vice President 780.476.2218
Lawrence Vera; Treasurer   780.456.4906
Betty Anne Ross Secretary 780.459.2365
Dan Papirnik Social Chair 780.474.5193
Vacant PR & Information Chair  
Ken Cherniawsky Member at Large 780.922.2775
Peter Friesen         Member at Large       780.292.5574    
Jim Homer Member at Large        

Upcoming Events

May. 29 – May. 30 Event

ARNS Spring Fling

Join us for a fun, casual evening with dinner and entertainment.

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South Lobby
Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.