Applied Research Centres

NAIT conducts research to tackle significant challenges in support of  the environment and sustainable development solutions.

We build subject matter expertise within our centres and bring multiple experts from across centres to apply that expertise to complex industry-driven projects. NAIT is home to the following centres that conduct multidisciplinary research

Centre for Boreal Research

We work with industry and communities to support best management practices and reclamation of the boreal forest.

Centre for Culinary Innovation

We have expertise in new food and beverage product development that combines culinary creativity with food science principles to create foods that taste amazing at the bench top level.

Centre for Grid Innovation

The Centre for Grid Innovation supports Alberta’s energy transition to an electrified and renewable electricity grid of the future.

Centre for Data Management and Visualization

We are focused on helping industry partners develop the innovative software tools and content they require to transform their operations.

Centre for Sensors and System Integration

The Centre for Sensors and System provides industry with prototyping, product enhancement, testing, and characterization services related to sensors and system integration.

Clean Technologies Team

The Clean Technologies Team works with partners, focuses on adopting circular economy principles, and develops new practices and technologies to attain environmental and economic sustainability.

Technology Access Centres at NAIT

TACs are specialized centres that provide Canadian businesses, particularly SMEs, access to state-of-the art facilities and multidisciplinary experts to help solve industry’s challenges. NAIT is home to 3 of the 60 Technology Access Centres (TACs) across Canada

Boreal Forest Plant and Seed Technology Access Centre

We provide scientific findings, practical methods, technologies and services to advance the capacity of industry to use native plants to lessen the environmental footprint in the boreal forest.

Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to a future where the environmental and economic challenges of the oil sands have been solved.