Clean Technologies Team

We believe that the key to securing environmental and economic sustainability is through the adoption of circular economy principles.

We work with our partners to transform plastic, forestry and agricultural wastes into value-added products, ensuring that land and natural resources are returned to being valuable assets rather than economic or environmental liabilities.  

NAIT develops methodologies, practices and technologies that remediate polluted land, and monitor environmental contaminants.

We generate knowledge and develop student talents for the benefit of companies and communities, helping them to resolve environmental challenges that have real and identifiable impact on our society. 

Latest from the centre

Plastics Research in Action

The Plastics Research in Action partnership between NAIT and Heartland Polymers will advance the reuse and recycling of plastic in Canada and beyond.

Dec. 17, 2021

Local Solutions for Global Impact

Inter Pipeline’s partnership with NAIT is making significant progress in plastics research as it enters its second year.

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Nov. 29, 2021

Dr. Paolo Mussone named Ovintiv Applied Research Chair in Energy

NAIT’s Industry Solutions is pleased to announce Dr. Paolo Mussone has been named the Ovintiv Applied Research Chair in Energy

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Jun. 03, 2021

Cleaning up contaminated land using tools from nature

NAIT researchers are developing a renewable product to help clean up sites contaminated by petroleum products.

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Our experts

PhotoFull nameTitleSpecialization(s) 
Danish DarProcess Engineering Specialistprocess modelling software, reaction engineering, distillation
Jeremiah BryksaApplied Chemistanalytical chemistry, chromatography, spectroscopy, materials characterization, microplastics, water quality, crude oil characterization, fuel testing
Kelsey DeutschIndustrial Surface Chemistanalytical chemistry, complex materials characterization, spectroscopy, chromatography, plastics and polymers characterization
Paolo MussoneOvintiv Applied Research Chair in Energyindustrial innovation, technology commercialization, applied chemistry, environmental science, renewable chemicals
Victoria CollinsIndustrial Microbiologist environmental microbiology, biodegradation studies, environmental monitoring, enzymatic conversions, biogenic greenhouse gas production, microbial enrichment 

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