Clean Technologies Team

We believe that the key to securing environmental and economic sustainability is through the adoption of circular economy principles.

We work with our partners to transform plastic, forestry and agricultural wastes into value-added products, ensuring that land and natural resources are returned to being valuable assets rather than economic or environmental liabilities.  

NAIT develops methodologies, practices and technologies that remediate polluted land, and monitor environmental contaminants.

We generate knowledge and develop student talents for the benefit of companies and communities, helping them to resolve environmental challenges that have real and identifiable impact on our society. 

Our experts

PhotoFull nameTitleSpecialization(s) 
Jeremiah BryksaApplied Chemistanalytical chemistry, chromatography, spectroscopy, materials characterization, microplastics, water quality, crude oil characterization, fuel testing
Kelsey DeutschIndustrial Surface Chemistanalytical chemistry, complex materials characterization, spectroscopy, chromatography, plastics and polymers characterization

Labs and facilities

NAIT researchers have access to a range of specialized labs, facilities and equipment. The Clean Technologies Team makes use of these and other world-class applied research labs.

Analytical Chemistry Suite

NAIT’s analytical chemistry suite is a 2,100 square foot space equipped with a wide variety of both standard and specialized equipment.   Find out more

Microbiology Laboratory

NAIT’s microbiology laboratory is a 925 square foot applied research laboratory outfitted with versatile equipment and instruments that serve a wide variety of functions.   Find out more

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