Paolo Mussone


Ovintiv Applied Research Chair in Energy

Research centre

Clean Technologies Team

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Paolo holds degrees in chemical engineering and analytical sciences and has over 20 years of experience in industrial innovation and applied research. Paolo leads multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder projects aiming to develop and validate technologies rooted in circular economy principles. Paolo’s current work focuses on adding value to post-consumer plastics, agricultural and forestry by-products as well as waste. Paolo is involved in developing methods to isolate, identify, and quantify microplastics from freshwater and sediments systems.  He also oversees projects in development and field validation of in situ, low-carbon emissions technologies for the remediation of hydrocarbon and salt impacted sites.


industrial innovation, technology commercialization, applied chemistry, environmental science, renewable chemicals

Projects and initiatives

  • Green chemistry for the valorization of resource industry by-products
  • Development and validation of methods for the collection and laboratory analysis of microplastics in freshwater river systems
  • Circular economy solutions for agri-food producers
  • Remediation of hydrocarbon and salt impacted sites


Published work

Zhu, Y., Chae, M., Wang, J., Adhikari, B., Mussone, P. and D. Bressler, (2021), Biowaste-based biodegradable flocculants for clean and sustainable tailings management in industrial mining and mineral processing, Journal of Cleaner Production

Zhu, Y., Chae, M., Wang, J., Adhikari, B., Vinaj, K., Kaminsky, H., Mussone, P. and D. Bressler, (2021), Valorizing Biowaste for Wastewater Treatment: Dewatering Sludges Using Specified Risk Material-Based Flocculants for Industrial Sustainability, ACS Sustainable Chemical Engineering. 

Zhu, Y., Gong, Y., Kaminsky, H., Chae, M., Mussone, P. and D. Bressler, (2021), Using Specified Risk Materials-Based Peptides for Oil Sands Fluid Fine Tailings Management, Materials. 

Elikem, E., Persico, A.P., Bulmer, D., Siciliano, S.D., Mussone, P. and D. Peak (2021) A sustainable colloidal material with sorption and nutrient‐supply capabilities for in situ groundwater bioremediation, Journal of Environmental Quality.

Taylor, N.M., Toth, C.R.A., Collins, V., Mussone, P. and L.M. Gieg, (2021), The Effect of an Adsorbent Matrix on Recovery of Microorganisms from Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Groundwater, Microorganisms. 

Yuzik, J., Khatri, V., Chae, M.,  Mussone, P. and D.C. Bressler, (2021),  Ruminant-Waste Protein Hydrolysates and Their Derivatives as a Bio-Flocculant for Oil Sands Tailing Management, Polymers

Jenab, E., Omidghane, M., Mussone, P., Fernandez, D., Cartmell, J. and C. Montemagno, (2018) Enzymatic conversion of lactose into galacto-oligosaccharides: The effect of process parameters, kinetics, foam architecture, and product characterization, Journal of Food Engineering.