Kelsey Deutsch




Industrial Surface Chemist

Research centre

Clean Technologies Team

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Kelsey has over 10 years of industrial and applied research experience in mining, nanotechnology, and analytical chemistry fields focusing on method development for the characterization of environmental, oil and gas, and ores samples. In her current role, Kelsey leads the development and implementation of characterization methods applied to a broad range of post-consumer products, by-products, wastes, and residual materials, as well as synthetic chemicals originating from industrial processes.


analytical chemistry, complex materials characterization, spectroscopy, chromatography, plastics and polymers characterization

Partners and industry collaborators

Plastics Research in Action (PRIA)

Projects and initiatives

  • Green Chemistry for Valorization of Resource Industry By-Products (2020-2023) 
  • Removal of CO2 from Raw Natural Gas Using Fly Ash from Alberta Kraft Pulp Mills (2020-2021) 

Published work

Deutsch, K., Persico, A.P., Mussone, P., Utilization of Wood Ash from Kraft Pulp Mills to Remove Carbon Dioxide from Raw Natural Gas, Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada Paper Week Canada Conference 2022 (2022, virtual platform, oral presentation)  

Deutsch, K., Persico, A.P., Mussone, P., Carbon Dioxide Sorption from Natural Gas using Kraft Pulp and Paper Fly Ash as a Low Energy Emissions Reduction Technology, 2021 Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (2021, virtual platform, oral presentation)