Clean Laboratory

Clean Laboratory

A dedicated space for analyzing field and greenhouse samples


Centre for Boreal Research
Peace River, Alberta


600 sq. ft.

What this space offers

NAIT’s clean laboratory  provides a dedicated space for analyzing field and greenhouse samples, preparing chemical treatments and growing and testing seed.  

Suitable for:

  • Detailed biomass analysis 
  • Non-destructive sample testing 
  • Seed germination and growth testing 
  • Chemical treatment technologies for seed, soil and stock 

Select equipment and features

  • Fume hood 
  • Ultra-pure water purification system 
  • UV Spectrophotometer 
  • Lab quality conductivity meter 
  • Compound Microscope and dissecting scope 
  • Germination chambers 
  • Growth chamber 
  • Seed moisture tester 
  • Micro-balance scales 
  • Teslameter 
  • Chlorophyll meter 
  • Imaging computer with root, leaf, and tree ring analysis 
  • Chemical storage 
  • Chemical safety shower and eyewash stations 
Visit the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Research Facilities Navigator for a full list of equipment at NAIT’s Centre for Boreal Research..