Electronics and Sensors Laboratory

NAIT Electronics and Sensors Laboratory

Supporting the development of prototype devices that address sensor-based challenges across a wide variety of industries


NAIT Main Campus
Edmonton, Alberta

Suitable for:

Development of sensor-based prototypes

What this space offers

The electronics and sensors laboratory supports the following:

  •  printed circuit board design and fabrication
  • electronics testing
  • film stress measurements
  • optical photonics integration
  • prototype assembly

Select equipment and features

  • Electronic test and characterization equipment including: 
    • programmable DC supplies,
    • a variety of function generators
    • high accuracy multimeters
    • 5KW DC supply
    • high accuracy source-meters
    • programmable DC load
    • high speed oscilloscopes
    • communication test equipment (LTE, LPWAN, BLE)
    • digital test equipment  
  • Optical and laser test equipment
  • Ocean Optics spectrophotometer
  • LabVIEW Professional Software (system engineering software for applications that require test, measurement and control)
  • Rockwell PLC Software (used to program and control Rockwell Programmable Logic Controllers)
  • Mathworks MATLAB Software (imaging processing and acquisition toolkit)
  • PCB design and prototyping (used to develop electronic printed circuit boards for through-hole and surface mount components)