Motion Capture Studio

A custom-engineered studio capable of capturing high fidelity performances


NAIT Main Campus
Edmonton, Alberta


2,000 sq. ft.

What this space offers

NAIT's motion capture studio allows for customization for a wide variety of technical projects, with the capability to export animation data in various formats.

Suitable for:

  • Animation for film, video games and advertising
  • Retargeting actor motions to any type of character or creature
  • Prop design and capture
  • Human kinetics and anatomical studies (sports, medicine, advertising)
  • Training and education

Select equipment and features

  • 21 Vicon high speed optical motion capture cameras with the ability to capture up to 250 frames per second
  • 12,000 cubic feet capture volume with client side viewscreen
  • High fidelity finger tracking and in-volume director view
  • A variety of motion capture suits with markers
  • Preview camera showing live footage synchronized to motion capture footage
  • Review area with a large screen television and a dedicated capture workstation
  • 7 x 3 metre greenscreen wall
  • High-end compute power for media storage and animation processing
Visit the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Research Facilities Navigator for a full list of equipment. The studio is part of NAIT's Centre for Data Management and Visualization.