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CAMS Simulation Theatre 1 Hospital Set Up

What we do

CAMS works with innovators and partners who are in the medical device, diagnostics, imaging and digital health space to develop custom simulation solutions to support product and service development to help  speed up the commercialization journey. 

CAMS understands accessing end-users and clinicians can be a significant barrier to gaining  valuable feedback on a new product or service idea. It can also be difficult to arrange simulations and testing to support problem identification and ultimately product validation. That is where CAMS can  help. 

Using clinical simulation gives companies the ability to understand how end-users will interact with their innovation while never putting patients at risk. The ease of access to simulation and the ability to create modifiable and replicable settings for testing accelerates prototype development. Using simulation brings value to your company by providing insight and understanding into problems that may arise during use. You can discover use and design issues earlier in the development process to refine your idea or innovation.

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Benefits of working with CAMS

  • Receive formative feedback in a clinical environment
  • Gain access to clinicians and experts
  • Test usability in various environments with multiple end-users
  • Access users for market testing
  • Get to  market faster!

Research areas

  • Medical devices
  • Diagnostics and imaging
  • Digital health
  • Health IT and analytics
  • Health care delivery
CAMS Simulation Theatre Emergency Scenario

Services available

Product Validation and Usability Testing

  • Customized simulations with A/V recording
  • ​Completion of testing assessment materials
  • Post-simulation human factors usability testing reports
  • Raw data
  • Conduct follow-up interviews
  • Technology needs assessment

Training Materials and Documentation

  • Product training and support for Instructions for Use (IFU) development
  • End-user training
  • Sales team training

Ancillary Services

  • Access to specialized facilities and equipment
  • UX/UI support
  • Ethics application support

CAMS operates with a dedicated team of simulation experts and individuals from our roster of health professionals. This  includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Advanced Care Paramedics
  • Animal Health Technologists
  • Combined Laboratory and X-ray Technologists
  • Dental Assistants
  • Dental Technologists
  • Denturists
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographers
  • Magnetic Resonance Technologists
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists and Assistants
  • Medical Radiologic Technologists
  • Personal Fitness Trainers
  • Primary Care Paramedics
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Veterinary Medical Assistants

With direct access to end-users in safe environments, CAMS supports innovators in better understanding the user experience, developing patient-centric design, and gathering tangible feedback.  Book a discovery meeting today to learn how CAMS can help  bring your idea and innovation to market. 

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