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  • Certificate Achievement - An approved non-credit program that has a formal summative assessment component, has mappped program or course outcomes, and is subject to a regular quality curriculum review process.
  • Certificate Completion - A non-credit program that has no formal summative assessment component and is subject to a regular quality curriculum review process.
  • Continuing Education/Non-Credit - NAIT offers a wide range of non-credit programs and courses for personal and professional development in a number of interesting and exciting fields. These options are great for people who may be working but are interested in studying as well.

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  • Online Flexible Delivery - Your course activity is not scheduled and therefore you can determine when to do the coursework.
  • Both On-Campus and Virtual - Some of your coursework will be in-person, on campus and some will be done online.

Project Management skills are in constant demand regardless of industry. These skills allow you to organize your work, plan, track where you have been and look for trends. Keeping your efforts on schedule, on budget and most importantly within the satisfaction of your customers and stakeholders can be both challenging and rewarding work.

The Project Management Certificate Program at NAIT helps you to better understand team dynamics and its impact on projects. You will be introduced to project management tools and techniques that will assist your personal development in order to bring continuous improvement to your projects and organization.

This program aligns with the methodologies and practices described in the book “A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” (PMBoK®) from the Project Management Institute (PMI). This specialized program will focus on the specifics of managing technology projects. Case studies will relate specifically to technology projects and the instructors will have extensive technology project management backgrounds. Whether you are just starting your journey or have begun leading projects yourself, these courses will help prepare you for the world of Technology Project Management.

NAIT adds technology stream for project management

With oil and gas still struggling to recover in Alberta, some post-secondary institutions are seeing a real opportunity to develop in the technology sector.

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Hands-on, industry-relevant skills

Project management is the temporary activity undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Through this program, you will learn how to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close out the work of a team to achieve specific outcomes.

Among the wide range of skills and knowledge you will gain, you can expect to learn:

  • essential processes, terminology and elements of project management
  • strategies and sophisticated techniques used in project management
  • the elements of the project life cycle
  • how to develop a project charter
  • how to use various project management tools
  • risk and quality management
  • team-building and leadership skills

NAIT is a Project Management Institute (PMI) approved Global Registered Education Provider.


When you have completed modules PMIT100-PMIT145 you can apply for your Project Management in Technology Certificate.

Project Management Professional (PMP®) designation

To become certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as a Project Management Professional (PMP®), you will need to pass the PMP exam and accumulate the required hours of project management experience. A PMP® certification is the most respected and highly sought-after credential in project management.

Learn more about the PMP designation from the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Blue Seal approved

The Blue Seal program was established by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board to encourage and recognize business training. If you are a certified Alberta Journeyperson in a designated trade or occupation, earning a Blue Seal proves that you meet Alberta's high industry standards and have the skills to succeed in business.

If you have a valid Alberta Journeyperson, Occupational, Qualification or Proficiency Certificate, you can enhance your current certification with a Blue Seal. You can also earn a Blue Seal if you have the equivalent to an Alberta trade or occupational certificate.

To apply for your Blue Seal, submit a completed Blue Seal application, proof of completion (such as official transcripts) and the non-refundable $50 fee to any Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) office. Applications can be found on the Tradesecrets website.

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Lola Durodola MSc, ITIL, PMP

Lola Durodola MSc, ITIL, PMP

Lola Durodola is an experienced business analyst, providing effective solutions to business problems and implementing process improvements.

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Paul Gil, PMP, CSM

Paul Gil, PMP, CSM

Paul is a veteran project manager who leads systems implementations for a large Canadian IT consultancy.

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Program model and completion requirements

Courses start up through the year. Face to face courses are 15 hours long and encourage you to actively participate in discussions and group activities. You will complete final assignments for all course modules. You can mix up your schedule and delivery options to best suit your needs.