Digital Video and Sound Capture


  • Requisites: This course is available to students in the Digital Media and IT program or the Digitial Media and IT Co-op program. Prerequisites: DMIT1009, DMIT1013.DMIT1524 is recommended.
  • Course Equivalencies:
  • Open Studies: Not Available
  • Credits: 4.50

This course provides students with an understanding of the techniques and skills required to digitally record and capture video for content creation. Students will learn to operate the NAIT level one camera systems plus some basic lighting and grip techniques. This course will cover the various digital camera functions and operational procedures, types of record media, and transferring media to editing software. Plus, students will be required to work in a production crew environment demonstrating various crew responsibilities and duties. Included in this course will be safety awareness procedures for motion picture crews. Emphasis will be placed on professionalism and team work through application of hands on video technologies.

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22871 A01 Jan. 06 - Apr. 24, 2020
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