Troubleshooting and Manufacturing I


  • Requisites: This course is available to students in the Electronics Engineering Technology program. Prerequisites: ELTR1111, ELTR1101.
  • Course Equivalencies:
  • Open Studies: Not Available
  • Credits: 3.00

This course develops two distinct skill sets in the student. The first skill set are the skills related to soldering and unsoldering of thru-hole and surface mount components onto printed circuit boards. The student will also develop hand skills through the application and use of hand and power tools as they fabricate and/or assemble various cables and project items. The troubleshooting section of the course develops the student’s rudimentary skill to logically search for, diagnose and strategize to find single faults in pre-faulted electronic circuits. The student will be instructed in selecting appropriate measurements using various electronic test equipment to aid their search.

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22367 A01 Jan. 06 - Apr. 24, 2020
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