Water, Welding & Pumps


  • Requisites: This course is available to students in the Power Engineering Technology program.
  • Course Equivalencies:
  • Open Studies: Not Available
  • Credits: 3.00

This course covers the causes, consequences, monitoring, testing and treating of waters used in boilers. This encompasses both internal and external strategies for the control of dissolved solids, dissolved gases and suspended matter. Also covered is the various types of equipment used in the pre-treatment processes for boiler water coupled with the testing procedures used to determine the water quality. Effluent identification, testing and control will also be covered. Terms associated with pumps and pumping are examined and pump calculations are explained and practiced. Various welding techniques are covered along with the different welding procedures and testing methods used. Pressure Vessel designs are examined covering the requirements for the construction, repair and testing of those pressure vessels. Also included are references to the applicable ASME Codes both for welding and for pressure vessels.

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