• Requisites: This course is available to students in the Radio and Television program with a plan of television. Prerequisite: RATV1185. Co-requisites: RATV1220, RTTV1231, RTTV1233, RTTV1235, RTTV1252, RTTV1260, RTTV1276.
  • Course Equivalencies: RTA266
  • Open Studies: Not Available
  • Credits: 3.00

This course will introduce the student to the operation and care of a professional portable television camera. Students will produce several video projects that will incorporate visually appealing composition and storytelling techniques. These projects include: 30 second TV commercials, news style TV stories and on-air segments of a weekly news magazine show. The course will include components on lighting and audio gathering techniques in the field, including microphone selection and usage. All student produced projects will be created using industry methods and practices.

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22775 A01 Jan. 06 - Apr. 24, 2020
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