Hospitality Regulations and Legislation


  • Requisites: This course is available to students in the Hospitality Management program. Pre-Requisites: HOST1175, HOST1240, HOST1280.
  • Course Equivalencies: TOUR1300
  • Open Studies: Not Available
  • Credits: 3.00

Hospitality Regulations and Legislation examines business compliance in its many forms. Knowledge of legal obligations is fundamental, but far from the only guidelines that play an important part in the hospitality industry. The course outlines legal topics such as contracts, liability, negligence, Innkeeper's Act and labour standards. In addition, it covers Occupational Health and Safety regulations, Workers Compensation, Hazardous Materials Handling and Food Safety. While the content does not replace the need for corporate legal counsel, it informs students of liability issues and reduces exposure to potentially expensive lawsuits.

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