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Secure your Future Today: Discover NAIT's Cybersecurity Programs

Are you an IT professional looking to advance into the dynamic world of cybersecurity? Or an employer seeking to empower your team with cutting-edge expertise?

At NAIT, we offer three distinct and comprehenisve cybersecurity programs designed to meet your specific goals and the evolving needs of industry. Our programs provide practical, hands-on training led by our acclaimed industry experts.

Explore our specialized certificates tailored to equip you with the latest knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. 

Which NAIT Cybersecurity program is the right fit for you?

On-the-Job Learning

Cybersecurity Immersive Industry Education 
Post-Diploma Certificate

This unique certificate program emphasizes practical learning, with more than 50% of your education taking place directly in your workplace.  Your employer will work with you to establish a flexible schedule that accommodates both your full-time job responsibilities and the on-the-job training requirements.

  • Tailored exclusivley for working professionals in the IT field, or with an IT-related background and credential. 

  • A minimum of 51% of the learning will occur on-the job, allowing students to directly apply knowledge to practical scenarios under the guidance of industry experts and mentors.  

  • Self-paced, online learning to accommodate your work schedule and personal commitments.  

  • Designed to be completed in two years.   

  • Fall (September) start date. 

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Evening Program

Post-Diploma Certificate

This certificate is perfect for someone who already has an IT-related background and wants to expand their knowledge and skills in the operational and management aspects of cybersecurity through hands-on learning.

  • Requires students to have an IT-related diploma, degree, or have completed 60 credits in related post-secondary courses to be accepted into the program.

  • All courses are led by instructors and scheduled during the evenings, giving students the flexibility to attend either online or in person.

  • Designed to be completed in one year.

  • Fall (September) start date. 

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Entry Level and Non-Credit

Cybersecurity Associate Certificate
Corporate & Continuing Education 

This certificate is perfect for someone who would like to challenge the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) and Certified Cloud Security Practitioner (CISSP) exams and get their designation.

  • Designed to offer flexible scheduling opportunities. You have the option to earn your certificate in as quickly as 12 weeks or at your own pace.  Most students complete the certificate through evening and weekend classes. 

  • Comprised of  8  cybersecurity courses. Each 14-hour course can be completed over a weekend. 

  • Requires some Cybersecurity base knowledge prior to taking the program.

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We encourage you to apply early as our cybersecurity programs fill up quickly.

We look forward to welcoming you into one of our programs!


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