Tiffin Menu

Oct 22, 2021

Garde Manger

Cheese & Charcuterie Selection 
with pickled radish & apricot compote

Crab Cakes
spicy avocado aioli

Beef Sausage 
red wine & sage | mushroom & beef glaze

Figs in a Blanket
chevre | strawberry balsamic dipping sauce

Roasted Seasonal Squash Salad
 sage | balsamic dressing | spiced pumpkin seeds

Black Kale Salad
blood orange | pancetta | fig 

Wayne's Herbed Chicken Quenelle Crostini
cranberry sauce | blue cheese

Quail Egg  Canapé  
bacon chip | lemon aioli | all on a potato base

Goat Cheese & Fig Jam
pancetta chip with arugula | fresh fig | thyme

Smoked Citrus Salmon Canapé
herbed cream cheese  served in gougere

Sao Jorge Cheese​ Potato Canapé
massa de pimento | luinguisa  | kale chip

Pork, Apple & Ginger Terrine
apple moustarda

Chicken Terrine
pinenut | rosemary | raspberries | red pepper almond chevre sauce ** Allergy**

Cod Mousseline (a la 'Sushi Roll')
nori | sesame | pickled ginger & cucumber center | siracha aioli  **Allergy** 



Meat Selections
Mustard & Honey Glazed Ham

Grilled Chicken "Diable"

Crumb Fried Trout 
beurre rouge

roasted winter squash with maple, rosemary  & cayenne
scalloped potatoes 

Cream Cheese & Spinach Stuffed Champignon


(Menu May Change)

Black Forest Cake


Charlotte Royale


Oreo Cookie Cheesecake

Florentine Cookies **Allergy** 

Caramel Éclair 

 Cinnamon Swirl  Macaron

Selection of Freshly Baked Breads, Biscuits
&  Crackers with Whipped Butter

Selection of Handmade Chocolates and Confections