A partnership for tomorrow’s leaders

Imperial contributes $1 million to NAIT polytechnic education

For more than 30 years, NAIT and Imperial have developed a partnership to create a real impact on communities across Alberta. Imperial is committed to contributing to our future by supporting tomorrow’s leaders: our students in skilled trades and engineering technology programs.

“Our partnership with NAIT is about building the next generation of leaders and providing them with relevant skills and technology access to drive innovation,” says Laura Bishop, Imperial’s public and government affairs director of communications and community investment. "We challenge students to experiment, fail, capture lessons learned and continuously look to grow and challenge the status quo."

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Heavy equipment grad wants to help women succeed in the trades

When Megan Shechosky first sought training opportunities 7 years ago, no one would give her a shot — and it had nothing to do with her skills. Not only did she refuse to give up, she completed her apprenticeship in Heavy Equipment Technology at NAIT, a facility generously supported by a donation from Imperial.

Now Shechosky wants to use her experiences to help other women pursue careers in the trades.

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An essential part of the team

Through their investment, Imperial is helping NAIT students make seamless transitions from our classrooms to their chosen field. Power Engineering Technology student Samuel Yoo worked at Imperial’s Strathcona Refinery during his summer practicum, where he got hands-on mentorship from Imperial staff on site. It was a memorable experience, which he says, boosted his skills and his confidence.

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