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We set a goal to raise $5,000 by June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day. Thanks to NAIT’s amazing community, we’ve already met that goal—and more! Although the crowdfunding campaign is over, we know there are more people who want to support Indigenous students at NAIT. 

Using our online donation form, you can direct your gift to the Four Directions Bursary or the  Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre.

77 donors raised $11,589 to support this project.

This project ended on Jul 01, 2022.

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Help students like Loretta

Loretta didn't have an easy  post-secondary experience. Not only did she feel different from others on campus as one of the few Indigenous students in her classes, but she also dealt with significant personal and financial pressure. She felt personal pressure as the first person in her family to attend post-secondary and sometimes strained under financial pressure as a mother making ends meet while attending school full-time. But she was determined to finish and earn her degree to create more opportunities for herself. 

“Furthering my education was important to me because it shows my daughter how you can get more out of life, become more independent, and have more freedom.”
—Loretta Gladue (Bachelor of Business Administration '22)

Support from the Four Directions Bursary helped Loretta ease some of her financial burden. It gave her some peace of mind, allowing her to focus on her schoolwork and caring for her daughter, Meadow.

After graduating this past May, Loretta plans  to work in recruitment or employment counselling. One of her goals is to help other Aboriginal people get ahead in their schooling or employment.

Loretta's daughter, Meadow, on her way to school Loretta's daughter, Meadow, on her way to school

Aboriginal people are fighting to overcome the aftermath of residential schools. Obtaining post-secondary education is an important part of that fight. But the cost is a significant barrier. You can be part of the solution by donating to the Four Directions Bursary endowment.

Because of difference-makers like you, an Aboriginal student will receive the $1,000 Four Directions Bursary each and every year. Help NAIT meet its $5,000 fundraising goal in honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21. 

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Four ways your support of this bursary makes a difference

Help remove some of the systemic barriers Aboriginal students face

Ensure  more representation from Aboriginal students in post-secondary

Bolster Indigenous ways of knowing in post-secondary institutions

Support a more inclusive environment for Aboriginal students

Preparing to cover the tipi at the Nikâniyihta Celebration

How does the Four Directions Bursary help Aboriginal students?

Aboriginal students often face significant systemic barriers—especially when pursuing post-secondary education, and providing financial assistance is one way to help remove some of those barriers.

The Four Directions Bursary is one support that creates equitable opportunities for Aboriginal students to succeed in post-secondary education.

100% of your gift goes to the Four Directions Bursary endowment

NAIT is a registered charity that doesn’t believe in administration fees. Every dollar you donate to this community crowdfunding campaign goes directly to the Four Directions Bursary endowment. Your gift  ensures the bursary is distributed every year in perpetuity and  supports Aboriginal students for generations.

When $5,000 is raised, the Four Directions Bursary endowment will be fully funded at $25,000. That amount will be held in a long-term investment account, and the interest accrued will support an annual bursary for Aboriginal students.

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