NAIT Apprenticeship Bursaries

Our population is expanding as generations are retiring. It is predicted that Alberta will need 26,000 new journeypersons and 51,000 new apprentices by 2026 to meet industry demand.

Skilled people are the engine that drives Alberta’s economy, and an educated workforce is key to innovation and growth. But, across the province,  we are experiencing a significant shortage of skilled workers.

Skilled trades education plays a vital role in preparing individuals to meet labour force needs, but there are fewer funding supports – like bursaries – available for trades students.

You can help address the skills shortage by giving to support NAIT apprenticeship bursaries, and support the next generation of students.

Your generosity has a profound impact

“I felt tremendously grateful and seen – that the many extra hours I spent studying while at NAIT were recognized. This award helped my family by alleviating some of the financial stress that comes from leaving work to attend school.”

- Hudson Macadam, Powerline Technician

Attaining a post-secondary education remains a challenge for today's apprenticeship students. Like Hudson, many rely on donor support to assist in paying for their living expenses, tuition, books and materials. Even the most motivated of students cannot balance working part-time—or in some cases full-time—to pay for their education while keeping up with a challenging course load.

Supporting student awards not only relieves financial barriers for students, but also gives them the support and encouragement to succeed and make a real difference in their chosen trade.

Applications for student awards have risen steadily over the past decade, signifying that apprenticeship students are in continued need of financial support. 

Help us turn the tide and make your gift today!

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