Will you support NAIT students today?

Support students building meaningful careers

When the unexpected happens to students, the NAIT Fund is here to help

In Fall 2021, community contributions to the NAIT Fund supported students with:

  • student awards
  • emergency bursaries
  • improvements in technology and learning spaces
  • investments in mental health resources

Today, we're asking you to keep the support for students through the NAIT Fund going, so we can address students' most urgent needs this academic year.

Amount ($):

Why should I support the NAIT Fund?

The hallways, classrooms and labs at NAIT are buzzing once again with activity. Staff and faculty have returned, and, most importantly, students are back in class. Fall on campus is a time filled with excitement, but for some NAIT students it can also bring academic and financial uncertainty.

20% of students

have dependents they need to provide for while working and studying full-time.

40% of students

need to work full-time or part-time while studying to make ends meet.

The NAIT Fund answers the question, “How can I give students the support they need right now?”

According to our Entering Student Questionnaires, approximately 20% of NAIT students have dependents and over 40% of new students indicate that they need to work full-time or part-time while studying.

Each student’s unique situation adds complexity to their educational experience and requires unique and varied solutions to bolster academic success. The NAIT Fund is one of those solutions.

100% of your gift goes to the NAIT Fund

NAIT is a registered charity that doesn’t believe in administration fees, so none of your gift goes towards overhead or administration. This ensures 100% of your contributions go where they're most needed: making a difference in the lives of students with bursaries, awards and any other urgent supports. 

What does the NAIT Fund support?

Student Success

60% supports initiatives for student success, including mental health programming.

Scholarships & Bursaries

20% supports general scholarships that are available to all NAIT students.

Campus Development

20% supports NAIT learning spaces (such as the Centre for Applied Technology).