Using creativity to give back

Published on January 25, 2023

NAIT Alumnus Rob Jennings (Business Administration – Marketing '98) is president and founder of FKA – a marketing and communications agency with offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. Even though FKA has been giving support to NAIT students through the creation of bursaries and scholarships since 2014, Rob and his wife, Mieke, decided to make a personal contribution – in a unique way – last year. 

“I originally started giving because I wanted to support the school that has given me so much and been so instrumental to my own career,” says Rob. “That’s obviously still important to me but I want to achieve other things with our corporate and personal gifts. FKA has tweaked our corporate giving to enhance diversity in our industry and from a personal perspective, Mieke and I are big proponents of alternative energy and taking action to mitigate the effects of climate change.  Our new family gift is intentionally designed to support that.” 

Rob and Mieke took the Climate Action Incentive Payments they received and used them to create the Rob and Mieke Jennings Alternative Energy Technology Entrance Bursary. Each year for the next three years, a deserving student in financial need, who is entering the Alternative Energy Technology Program at NAIT, will get a monetary boost. 

This bursary not only supports the student recipients, but also illustrates how the unique and thoughtful use of humble contributions can add up something much larger.  

“Giving to NAIT in the form of bursaries is a great way to make modest but meaningful impacts—you can help a student, the school but also our community or even world. It all adds up to good!”