CAE Healthcare manikins push students’ limits

CAE manikins push students’ limits

Partnership prepares students through simulation

At NAIT’s Simulation Centre, a manikin may be even better than the real thing, given what’s at stake.

Located in the Centre for Applied Technology, the Simulation Centre is one of Canada’s most advanced facilities where students from programs such as Paramedic, Respiratory Therapy, Diagnostic Sonography and more can learn hands-on, health-care industry skills before entering their professions.

“This is where a student can make critical mistakes and then learn from those mistakes,” says simulation coordinator Joe MacPherson (Respiratory Therapy ’95).

Thanks to a new partnership with CAE Healthcare, students now have that opportunity to safely develop and refine their patient-care skills on 19 highly realistic and intricate manikins, as well as other state-of-the-art simulation aids.

Meet Caesar

Almost alarmingly lifelike, the manikins are capable of everything from responding to medication to giving birth. Here’s a look at “Caesar,” a heavy-trauma manikin that can simulate severe injuries, and just one example of the technology that will test students’ limits before those limits are tested for real in the field.


Published on March 9, 2018.