NAIT bursary comes through in the clutch

Published on November 28, 2022

Hello, my name is Lady Lexely Bangayan. I'm an international student studying business management. I came from the Philippines in August 2021. I am married with two kids but came to Canada alone at first and then applied for them to join me months later. I’d like to share the story of my journey and how receiving a donor-funded NAIT student award helped to boost my spirits and turbo-charge my studies. 

Journey to NAIT 

Bangayan familyMy husband and I were thinking of ways to give greater opportunities to our kids. Education is very important to us and studying in Canada would allow us to open doors for them and allow me to be a role model – to teach them that education can further your aspirations and that you can go back to school no matter your age or how long you’ve paused your studies. 

I spent seven years being a stay-at-home mom before re-entering the workforce in the Philippines. Shortly after going back to work, I realized that I still had a lot to learn in terms of business management. 

Once we decided I should study in Edmonton, NAIT was my one and only choice. I knew that the education would be interactive and hands-on. I would learn what it would really be like on the job – not just in theory. This has proved to be correct!  

I’m currently focused on business management but have also developed an interest in human resources. After I receive my diploma, I’m looking forward to continuing at NAIT and completing my business degree.  

A fateful late-night email 

Winning a donor-funded bursary last fall was such an exciting moment! I read the email stating that I’d be receiving an award at midnight. My husband had to calm me down because I was shouting in the middle of the night!  

The timing of this bursary was so pivotal. My family had just arrived here in Canada, so my husband did not have work at the time. Receiving this bursary was huge for us! I used much of it to enroll for the Spring semester. I hadn’t previously planned to enroll in that semester but doing so spread things out a bit. It lessened the burden and stress by not having a full course load in the subsequent terms. The freed-up time allowed me to secure a program-related job which is a graduate requirement for me. 

It's about more than dollars 

In life, your feelings go up and down and you encounter problems, which is normal. But I have to say, receiving that one email gave me my momentum back. Everyone has different circumstances and needs, but I believe that when students receive scholarships and bursaries, we all feel supported and comforted. 

I cannot thank my donors enough.