Scholarships help graduate spread her wings and fly

 Scholarships help graduate spread her wings and fly

Sandra Prystupa finds career in the aviation industry to make the skies safer

NAIT scholarships recipient and recent graduate Sandra Prystupa (Occupational Health and Safety ’17) found an exciting career as a safety management systems coordinator for Northern airline Air Tindi. Based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, the company provides medevac equipped air services, tourism, cargo transport, charter flying and scheduled service across Canada’s north.

 “I love it up here,” says Prystupa, who wants to continue advancing  health and safety practices within the aviation industry. “Everything I’ve learned is coming into play. The safety culture in this company is just top notch!” 

Reflecting on her time as a student, she also recognizes the role of having a supportive environment has played in helping her get ‘up’ there. 

“Receiving scholarships has a domino effect in so many different areas of a student’s well-being and everyday life by relieving the mental and emotional concerns of worrying about finances.”

Published on March 8, 2018.