Tenacity exemplified

Published on January 20, 2023

NAIT student award winner shares how her unwavering dedication is producing long-lasting results in career and education 

Hello, my name is Emily Bruce, my pronouns are she/her and I am a proud Métis Citizen. Having already completed my Bachelor of Business Administration, I fell in love with the construction industry which led me to NAIT where I am currently pursuing the completion of my Construction Engineering Technology (CET) diploma

Persevering despite opposition 

Emily Bruce_NAIT student_300pxAs a female in the construction industry, the pursuit of a project management position for myself has been criticized by some. It is my goal in this pursuit of higher education to prove to myself that I can achieve the career I want and to also encourage others to go after their goals. I believe that by building others up in the construction industry, we will see solutions to problems come faster, technology develop quicker, and stronger networks within our fields. Through the CET program, and my summer internship, I have discovered many great individuals in this industry that not only share my mindset but also offer mentorship and opportunities for growth. 

I am so honored to receive a student award. To me, this award recognizes the hard work and perseverance it takes to go back to school; it reinforces the decision to better myself and confirms that, through concerted efforts, my future will be promising. The financial assistance this award provided is so appreciated and will help alleviate some of my student debt. It allowed me to take a summer internship focused on my field rather than return to a former job just to make enough money to pay for school. This was so valuable because the field experience added so much to the academic experience by turning the classroom concepts into tangible experiences. The foundations of my academic learning were then cemented into my brain through practical real-world experiences. Having the additional support of student awards has provided the financial freedom to truly immerse myself in the academic experience and enjoy all aspects of the program including extra curriculars that contribute to the learning environment. 

Making the most of the student experience 

My first year in the CET program was very successful. I made the Dean's Honour Roll in both semesters and achieved an overall 3.9 GPA. I am incredibly proud of these achievements as it showcases not only my dedication and hard work, but also my passion for the industry and the CET program.  

Currently, I’m the president of NAIT’s Construction Engineering Technology Student Club (CETSC). I am so proud and excited to be able to help those around me achieve greatness in this program and in their future career endeavors. One of my goals for the student club is to help students transition back to campus and in-person classes by cultivating opportunities that will allow us to connect not only with each other, but also with the amazing faculty here at NAIT and the incredible individuals we share this industry with.

Looking ahead 

Some of my own career and educational goals include obtaining my CET designation with ASET, my Gold Seal with the Canadian Construction Association, my PMP designation and my LEED Green Associate Certification. I am also working on developing my proficiency in Spanish.

When I am not focused on school or work, you can find me mountain biking, reading a good book, hanging with my dogs, or planning my next travel adventure. 

Thanks once again to the donors who made this award possible. I will continue to put in the work and chase my dreams with relentless tenacity.