President's Society

 "We're grateful to members of the President's Society for their generosity and commitment to NAIT. This support will help us grow and provide a better future for our students, our province and our country."

—Dr. Glenn Feltham, NAIT President and CEO 

Our Essential List

There's a spot with your name on it. 

NAIT has always been able to rely on its friends to speak strongly on our behalf, and to give financially for the support of our students and programs. 

In early 2015, we created the President's Society to recognize key supporters and encourage others to get involved with NAIT. 

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Exclusive Events & Celebrations 

Members are invited to attend an exclusive event with NAIT’s president, where we discuss the important issues facing the institute.

Membership also includes special invitations to other prestigious events that connect you to the students and staff who directly benefit from your donations.

Donor Recognition

Members will receive regular communications from NAIT’s president and are recognized in a NAIT publication used to communicate with key stakeholders.

Become a Member

A gift of $1,000 or more will qualify you for NAIT President’s Society membership benefits for the remainder of the current calendar year, plus the entire following calendar year. You can maintain your membership with an ongoing annual donation of at least $1,000.

We also offer the opportunity for recent alumni (who have graduated within the last 10 years) to join NAIT’s President’s Society for a reduced donation of $500 annually.

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