President's Society Members

NAIT gratefully acknowledges our key annual supporters

Graham & Lorraine Adamson
Janice Auger
Christine Bannerman
Vi Becker
Valerie Berger
Lyle Best
Elaine Betchinski 
Brenda & Cyril Binette
Anthony Bishop 
Ray Block 
Don Boomer
Michelle & Mark Bootsman
Erika Bottcher
Angela Briggs
Clarence M. Christensen
Stewart Cook
Carla Cumming Sojonky & Frank Sojonky
Graham Cunningham
Dhariwal Family
Jim Dobie
Roger, Joan, Tyler Dootson and Ceilidh Whelan
Afton E. & Maclean K.
Jody Fath
Henry Federici
Sue Fitzsimmons
Mary Ford
Jack Forfylow
Tim Fragle
Doug Guy & Susanne Frolek

Alexander Fung
Teagan Gahler & Jesse Bowdige
Alice Gaydar
Mike & Betty Gibbins
Sabrina Giordano
Jennifer Glenday
Andrew Golbeck
April & Clark Grindheim
Darcy & Sherry Grykuliak
Malcolm Haines
Linda (Aboughoche) Haymour
Chad & Christina Herbers
Bob & Wendy Hiew
Diane, Breanna & Brendon Ho
John & Susan Hokanson
Ellen Hughes
Dan Hurlburt
Rob Jennings
Robyn Khunkun & Susheel Thomas
Walter Kiriak
Jalaney Klassen
Ralph & Marlene Knight
Susan Knoop
Don & Lorna Kramer
Susan Lauder
David Lazaruk
Rick Lee
Alison Lewis
Matthew Lindberg
Sandra & Emilio Marocco

Wendy Marusin
Mawji Family
Keven McGhan
Tyler McKay
Dave Mowat
Orest & Sonja Myroon
Steve Nikolayuk
Krista Patriquin
Catherine Poon
Kurt Popadynetz
G. Arnold Rumbold
Rav & Shan Rupnarain
Colin Ruthven
Rick & Elaine Rymek
Evelyn Schwabe
Candace & Russ Scruggs
Denis Keroack & Seema Sehgal
Dennis Sheppard
Angela Skuba & Sami Haji
Azmina & Rizwan Suleman
Chantelle Svensen-Lewis & Sean Lewis
Nancy & John Tavano
Pamela Thomas*
Jollette Thompson
Ron Turgeon
Dean Walsh
Jeremy Walter
Garry Wilson
Ryan & Michelle Young

*Indicated Gift in Memory or Tribute

Recognition represents contributions through December 31, 2019. We carefully review the above donor listing for accuracy; however, errors and omissions infrequently occur. Please  contact us  regarding corrections.

Create your essential impact

Join our community of supporters and make a difference for our students.

May. 15, 2020

Working together to overcome challenges

When NAIT cancelled in-person classes to help stop the spread of COVID-19, the entire campus united in inspiring ways

May. 15, 2020

Sowing the seeds of social entrepreneurship

Scholarship recipient Jonathan Mui is making a difference in his community - one plant at a time.

May. 15, 2020

A challenge inspires students to think creatively

Students pitch ideas to reimagine home buying