Plant & Seed Technologies

Few native species seed stocks from forest understory are commercially available to provide the plants needed for the reclamation and restoration of industrial disturbed sites in Alberta, and much remains unknown regarding seed harvesting, handling, viability, dormancy, germination, storage, longevity, greenhouse plant production and field establishment.

What we do

The Plant and Seed Technologies program is uniquely positioned to facilitate the delivery of native shrub, forb and graminoids species for reclamation by:

  • assisting industry and practitioners in more clearly understanding and articulating the need for shrub seedlings;
  • assisting commercial nurseries in developing the technologies necessary to successfully propagate native plants on a commercial scale; and
  • supporting adoption and deployment of native seeds and seedlings by SMEs by providing guidance on selection, transportation, storage and seeding/planting.
Plant & Seed Technologies

Our Mission

Develop practical methods and technologies for the collection, treatment and delivery of native boreal seeds and plants.

Research Topics

  • Native seed collection and processing including assessment of collection timing, seed handling and cleaning methods
  • Seed germination optimization through treatments such as priming, scarification and stratification
  • Seed enhancement and development of deployment systems
  • Development of seed-based and asexual propagation methods for native boreal shrubs


  • Dr. Jean-Marie Sobze, Program Lead
  • Ryan O'Neill, Research Technician
  • Bryce Hickey, Research Technician
  • Binyam Tedla, Research Associate
  • Sahari Inoue, Research Associate

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