Research Papers

Reclamation Field Tour of Upland and Peatland Industrially-Disturbed Sites. Field Notes. (pdf)
Centre for Boreal Research. 2018.
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

NAIT advances plant and see technologies to accelerate native plant establishment on boreal reclamation sites (pdf).
Jeannine Goehing, Jean-Marie Sobze, Catherine Brown. 2017.
Canadian Reclamation, Fall/Winter: 36-37.

Silviculture knowledge for reclamation of oil and gas disturbances: soil decompaction (pdf).
Katalijn MacAfee, F. Cortini, and Amanada Schoonmaker. 2016.
Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Ottawa. 10 p.

Alternative native boreal seed and plant delivery systems for oil sands reclamation (pdf).
Amanda Schoonmaker, Jean-Marie Sobze, Erin Fraser, Eckehart Marenholtz, Ann Smreciu, Chris Powter. and Marshall Mckenzie. 2014.
Oil Sands Research and Information Network, University of Alberta, School of Energy and the Environment, Edmonton, Alberta. OSRIN Report No. TR-55. 61 p.

A life cycle approach to vegetation management on reclaimed industrial sites (pdf).
M Mihajlovich, Jean-Marie Sobze, and Amanada Schoonmaker. 2014.
Canadian Reclamation, 1 (14): 52-56.

Practices to effectively till industrial forest soils (pdf).
David H. McNabb, Jean-Marie Sobze, and Amanda Schoonmaker. 2013.
Canadian Reclamation, 1 (13): 40-42.

Wellsite clay pad removal and inversion – a peatland restoration pilot project (pdf).
Jean-Marie Sobze, Amanada Schoonmaker, and Line Rochefort. 2012.
Canadian Reclamation, 1 (12): 10-13.

Alberta native plants and seeds: wild harvest, registration and deployment. A guide for technicians and practitioners (pdf).
Ann Smreciu, 2011.

Optimizing Weed Control for Progressive Reclamation: Risk Analysis on Regulated Weeds in the Boreal Region. (pdf)
Schoonmaker, S. Schreiber, C.B. Powter, and B. Drozdowski. 2018.
Optimizing Weed Control for Progressive Reclamation: Retrospective Case Study and Risk Framework. InnoTech Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. 68 pp.

Optimizing Weed Control for Progressive Reclamation: Literature Review (pdf)
Small, C., D. Degenhardt, B. Drozdowski, S. Thacker, C.B. Powter, A. Schoonmaker and S. Schreiber. 2018.
Optimizing Weed Control for Progressive Reclamation: Literature Review. InnoTech Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. 48 pp.

Peer-Reviewed Papers

Restoration approach influences carbon exchange at in-situ oil sands exploration sites in east-central Alberta
Kimberley R. Murray, Melanie Bird, Maria Strack, Michael Cody, Bin Xu. 2021. Wetlands Ecology and Management.

Manipulating aspen (Populus tremuloides) seedling size characteristics to improve initial establishment and growth on competitive sites
Kyle D. Le, Stefan G. Schreiber, Simon M. Landhäusser and Amanda L. Schoonmaker. 2020. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 35 (1).

Effects of cold stratification on the germination of Vaccinium myrtilloides (common blueberry) and Vaccinium vitis-idaea (bog cranberry) seeds from Alberta, Canada.
Jessica J Hudson, Çağdaş Kera Yucel, Amanda L Schoonmaker, and Jean-Marie Sobze. 2017. Native Plants, 18 (3).

Cluster planting: early enhancement of structural diversity in a reclaimed boreal forest (pdf).
Bradley D. Pinno, Amanda Schoonmaker, Çağdaş Kera Yücel, and Robert Albricht. 2017.
Journal American Society of Mining and Reclamation, 6 (2).

Mineral nitrogen and phosphorus pools affected by water table lowering and warming in a boreal forested peatland. 
Tariq M. Munir, Bhupesh Khadka, Bin Xu, and Maria Strack. 2017.
Echohydrology ,10 (8).

Impact of winter roads on boreal peatland carbon exchange.
Maria Strack, Divya Softa, Melanie Bird, and Bin Xu. 2017. 
Global Change Biology, 24 (1).

Germination and early growth of boreal understory plants on 3 reclamation soil types under simulated drought conditions. 
Bradley D Pinno, Edith H Y Li, Bhupesh Khadka, and Amanda Schoonmaker. 2017. 
Native Plants, 18 (2).
Length of cold stratification period affects germination in green alder (Alnus viridis (Chaix) DC. subsp. crispa (Aiton) Turrill) seed collected from northwestern Alberta (pdf).
Jasmeen Kaur, Amanda L Schoonmaker, and Jean-Marie Sobze. 2016.
Native Plants, 17 (2).