Our Expertise

Unity and Unreal Development

Unity and Unreal are cross-platform game engines, generally used by the commercial video games industry. Yet they are capable of doing much more than just building games. Their well-established pipelines allow for rapidly developing real world environments for use in training simulations and crafting virtual worlds. These worlds can then be used for anything your business requires, from three-dimensional data visualizations to training autonomous cars and drones to navigate more safely as they drive (and fly) through virtual cities.

Due to their extensive capabilities in developing for both Virtual and Augmented Reality, either of these engines are prime candidates for building next-gen applications. Our team can assist partners in the design and crafting of a wide variety of interactive experiences.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)
    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality provide real value to companies that want to help their employees train better, achieve more, and work more safely. The Centre for Innovative Media team is continually building expertise in VR / AR best practices, content development, and available software/hardware. By leveraging the powerful development capability of the Unity and Unreal engines, the team can rapidly help partners create virtual and augmented experiences.

  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
    Machine learning algorithms have applications in a wide variety of domains, from financial analysis to image classification. The team has experience with a variety of machine learning libraries, including Google's TensorFlow, an open source library for numerical computation and large-scale machine learning. Current applications being prototyped include image recognition and image revision.

  • Gamification, User Experience, Training, Simulation, and Operational Certification
    Our team has the knowledge to help partners develop software that merges elements of gamification (increasing user retention and user engagement) into their simulations & training material. This knowledge applies beyond just software solutions and the team is confident that user experience best practices can apply to real world scenarios, from workplace training seminars to wearable technologies to determine, monitor, and influence human performance.

General Software Development

The team is also comfortable reviewing or engaging in more general software projects (C#, C++, web development, etc.)

  • Review of existing software projects for best practices, recommended development paths.
  • Insight into recent technology innovations that might influence project development.
  • Software prototypes for new solutions.