Our Expertise

The Centre for Sensors and System Integration works with small and medium enterprises to develop prototypes for a defined application. Our clients benefit from expertise in the following areas:

Sensor Integration

  • Physical integration of sensors with electronics into prototype instruments, or integration of sensors into an existing system. This may involve taking an existing innovation, often a sensor technology, and developing the electronic or mechanical interface that allows outside communication and interaction with the sensor.

Embedded Systems Integration

  • Circuit design, schematic layout, board layout, fabrication, assembly, and test of electronics that integrate microcontrollers with sensors and communication systems.
  • Development of code for data acquisition, data communication, and graphical user interfaces.

Optics and Photonics Integration

  • Design, fabrication, and alignment of optical and photonic systems including fabrication of custom lens mounts.

Electronic and Optics Test and Characterization

  • Parametric characterization of system performance across environmental or system defined variables. Systems under development can be stressed to find failure points.

Advanced Material Characterization

  • Destructive and non-destructive testing of coatings including metallographic characterization.