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Customized, competency-based training 

For over 40 years, NAIT has delivered customized, competency-based training solutions in over 50 countries around the world, ranging from work force development to complete institutional building projects. We will work with you to create a solution that meets your organization’s defined outcomes for success.

Develop your workforce through:

  • Customized Training Solutions
  • TVET and CBET Training Programs
  • Institutional Building & Strengthening
  • Capacity Development
  • Instructor Development
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Joint Certification
  • Curriculum Design, Development and Adaptation
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What to Expect

Customized Training Solutions 

Our goal: To provide flexible training solutions that meet your real-world needs. 

With years of experience collaborating with industry, businesses, governments and other training institutions world-wide, our specialized training options are your solution.

By conducting a thorough needs assessment, we design and deliver a comprehensive training program that addresses any training gaps. Whether you need a short-term or long-term training program, our rigorous process ensures our training solutions meet the highest quality standards.

The training program can be delivered on location by mobilizing our team internationally or by bringing your workforce to NAIT. This will expose your workforce to theoretical classroom training, reinforced by hands-on, practical, true-to-life lab settings. This enables them to have the skills that are critical to employment readiness.

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Customized Training Solutions

Our Experience


Goal: Strengthen capacity to develop human resources to competitive international levels to support growth of enterprises and economic development.

Since 2000, NAIT instructors and staff have played a key role in the development of Centro Nacional para la Certificacion Industrial (national centre for industrial certification) near the city of Cienfuegos, on Cuba’s southern coast. It ranks among the country’s go-to resources for the skilled trades workforce required to boost domestic productivity and better prepare the country for the arrival of new partners looking to do business. Through the donation of equipment and expertise of instructors, NAIT has transferred its knowledge and skills to create a stronger workforce. This is contributing valuable expertise to an economy poised for growth.



Goal: To improve the abilities, skills and expertise of locals, to ensure a solid and sustainable workforce.

For over 25 years, NAIT is working with various organizations that are part of Libya’s National Oil Corporation. To date approximately 800 students from different oil companies were trained at NAIT in a spectrum of disciplines leading to various certificates and diplomas. Libyan students came from local subsidiaries including Waha Oil Company, Sirte Oil, Zueitina, Ras Lanouf (RASCO), and Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO), and also from foreign partners including Repsol, Eni, and Wintershall. In addition, NAIT also worked on capacity building projects with NOC technical training centres, including Zawia’s Specific Training Centre (STC) located in Az Zawiyah, and currently with the Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute (PTQI) located in Tripoli.


Goal: Enhance the capacity of technical schools to deliver training programs in priority industries.

NAIT experts are developing a road construction and maintenance program in a remote part of Uganda, training teachers and students to support the country’s industry. An eight-month certificate program in highway engineering and road construction will be taught at Uganda Technical College Lira (UTC-Lira). The new training program will allow local workers to move into more senior, skilled positions and bolster the road construction industry in Uganda. The ultimate goal of the project is to help UTC-Lira become a centre of excellence in road and highway construction.



Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Goal: To equip students with the practical and in demand skills in their local market.

NAIT has been delivering the Digital Media & IT (DMIT) Curriculum to Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology students in Harbin, China since 2004. This 4+0 Linkage Agreement provides Chinese students with a pathway to NAIT Degree programs in Canada while equipping them with the practical skills currently in demand in the Chinese market.

Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province

Goal: To train instructors to educate their local student population.

Faculty of Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute attend NAIT for exposure to Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Technology instructional best practices since 2017. This 2-week training program entails, academic staff learning about the polytechnic approach to education: technology-based, hands-on learning that is designed in concert with industry to meet workforce demand.



Capacity Building 

Our goal: To improve the abilities, skills and expertise of your local educators, to ensure a solid and sustainable workforce. 

We work directly with local industry to ensure that we are delivering hands-on, practical skills that are responsive to the evolving needs of your industry and community, now and in the future. We endeavor to design practical, competency-based programs that are customized to meet the specific needs of your country's business and industry.  Our curriculum development focuses on the outcome of each customized program, letting your needs guide the instructional and facility requirements. 

Our needs assessment will help determine any gaps that may exist between current situation and the desired training outcome, enabling a more effective implementation of the overall program. 

International Collaboration Agreements 

Our goal: to provide an opportunity for international institutions to provide world-wide experience and parchment to students in their own country.

International collaboration agreements provide an opportunity for your institution to offer a NAIT parchment (diploma) in your own country. These agreements facilitate student and faculty exchanges, collaborative research and other training opportunities.

The design of the international collaboration agreements can take many formats to ensure the greatest student success. 

  • Diploma: 2+1 Model - Students take their first 2 years of study at their home institute, third year at NAIT. 
  • Degree: 2+2 or 3+3 Model - Students take their first 2 or 3 years at their home institute,  and then finish on NAIT campus.
  • Diploma: 4+0 Model - Students spend 4 years studying at their home institute to complete NAIT's first and second year courses, and English language training. 

In all formats, eligibility for a NAIT parchment is dependent upon the student’s academic success and English language proficiency.


Customized Training International

Programs, Courses and Academic Areas 

NAIT has over 120 programs leading to degrees, applied degrees, diplomas and certificates, including 34 registered apprenticeship programs and over 838 continuing education and professional development courses. Your customized training program is drawn from these courses and delivered by industry-trained instructors. 


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