Corporate Training

NAIT has a long history of providing customized corporate training solutions to international clients from around the globe in both the private and public sectors. Workforce skills development is at the centre of every corporate training project.

Developing business processes, strategy, and human resources policy is essential for any corporation and other entity in the current economy. From effective onboarding of new hired staff to upskilling of current employees to keep up with evolving technologies, our corporate training solutions can be tailored to meet any organization’s specific needs.

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Every corporate training project begins with an initial needs assessment which leads to a list of recommendations for training solutions. After setting goals and planning; program design, delivery, instruction and quality control are implemented. Projects are always guided by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure the goals and objectives the corporate client wishes to achieve following a successful project implementation.

From delivery of targeted short-term training programs to more complex solutions that may include the design and creation of an actual training centre at the corporate client’s location, NAIT has the expertise and experience to deliver effective training solutions anywhere in the world.

Corporate Training

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Collaboration Agreements

NAIT will work with your organization to enable an international collaboration agreement that will help facilitate student and faculty exchanges and collaborative applied research.

Previous Projects

NAIT has extensive experience working with organizations from all over the world. Learn about our successful past international projects.

TVET and Capacity Building

TVET Training and Capacity Building involves developing training to meet a real-world need. Build training programs that close skill gaps and increase productivity for your organization.

International Training

NAIT’s International Training team specializes in providing TVET capacity building, corporate training and collaboration agreements to organizations all over the world.